dynamic rifle

Our dynamic module sharpens the operator's ability to move on all planes of space.

Horizontal or vertical movement, movement, suitable positions, work around cover...

A method based on biomechanical work, designed by the doctor and physiotherapist from Khimaira, which allows you to understand another way of moving, for ever greater operational efficiency.

Prochains stages


This module is intended for state professionals carrying a long weapon as part of their missions.

This module covers basic biomechanical principles in a static position, while the rest of the day will focus on shooting from different positions and on the move. Being able to apply the fundamentals while moving and in less than ideal positions is what we will be spending the majority of the day on. You should have a good grasp of the fundamentals before attending this course.

From 6 to 12 shooters maximum per class, our approach is individualized to the maximum, so that everyone can sharpen their skills, adapted to their spectrum of employment.


• Bio-mechanics
• Movement - speed and agility
• Movement
• Cutlery - use and concepts
• Unconventional positions
• Transition and multiple targets
• 360° environment
• Introduction to work in degraded luminosity

Identify the most effective ways to improve performance and self-diagnose for future progressions.

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