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The TECC, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care or "Emergency care for the wounded in a tactical situation", is a training transposing military know-how in terms of care for war wounded in the civilian world, during care in context. tactical or degraded.

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This training is intended for health service personnel, firefighters and law enforcement personnel likely to be first responders in exceptional health situations (SSE).

The TECC addresses points of medical and non-medical care in the event, for example, of a mass killing with active shooter, or an influx of wounded.


It discusses hemorrhage control, airway management, techniques for lifting and extracting victims from a danger zone, and the tactical aspects of taking charge in the face of a threat.

These points are approached differently depending on whether the operator is under a direct or indirect threat (eg neutralized shooter but potential presence of other shooters), or in a secure evacuation zone.

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