Glock Trigger Kit - Dry Fire
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Glock Trigger Kit - Dry Fire

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Trigger kit for Glock for dry fire training!

This Glock Trigger Kit has everything you need to use with Glock Gen 3 - 9mm/ 40S&W/ 357 SIG/ 45GAP.

• Works with SureStrike™ laser cartridges

• The most realistic "pull and click" Glock trigger

• Train your first shot speed, practice single shot and target transition

• A great workout to practice precision and dexterity/strength when pressing with the index finger

• Practice in odorless


This kit features a specially designed firing pin and a modified trigger bar allowing you to exert consistent, realistic pressure on the trigger while effectively resetting to allow for quick shots one after the other while projecting a laser dot at your target with every shot, no matter how fast you pull the trigger.

The trigger reset system fits into your existing gun in less than a minute.

In two minutes you're ready for some serious practice the effects of which will be felt the next time you fire live ammo from the range.

You can watch our videos online for full demonstrations and information on this great tool.

This kit is unlike any other trigger reset kit on the market.

This trigger is more realistic, engages like a real Glock trigger, and fires the SureStrike™.

These two elements combined give you the most dynamic dry fire/laser fire training tool available today.

The 9mm reset trigger will not work in a Glock 43! .