Grip Consistency Target

We use the Grip Consistency target to test the strength of a grip, and a shooter's ability to maintain focused visual function despite small targets.

Example of drills:

In Warm-Up
L1: 1 move per circle, strong hand,
L2: 1 move per circle, strong hand
L3: 1 move per circle, two hands.

You can also do this by increasing the number of hits (1st circle: 1 hit, 2nd circle: 2 hits…)
This allows you to work on the power of the grip, ideally the weapon should not move between the first and the 15th cartridge.

Focus on aiming, controlled trigger pull.
Distance to be adapted according to the levels.

Small challenge to measure your progress (#RangeBook)
From line 1 to 3, from left to right, on timer, each blow out: +1 second.

And finally, fitness version, 1 shot in the 1st circle, 1/2/3 burpees (your choice..), 1 shot in the 2nd… Each failure obviously leads to a round of burpees before you can try again!
A good way to see for yourself the deterioration of his fine motor skills and visual acuity, in proportion to the increase in his heart rate!