Discover the Valkyrie Strap

Take your mobility to the next level .

Imagine a strap that can fulfill all your missions by your side. Whether you're walking patrol miles, driving a blistering assault, scaling a facade, or simply practicing sport shooting, the Valkyrie is the sling that can successfully accompany you in any circumstance.

Mil-Spec Build

This strap was developed by those and for those who need it most.
Result ? Design without compromise.

All buckles used are metallic. Webbing and fabric are imported directly from the USA. All Valkyrie webbing components meet Mil-Spec (military strength standard).

StressProof adjustment system

Everyone has already seen multipoint, multiclip, multisliding, multielastic straps… Multi problems.

The Valkyrie's adjustment system allows it to be used flawlessly, whether you are in total darkness, in a state of pronounced stress or if your sight is obstructed by a gas mask.
You just have to follow the strap, and pull the zipper to unlock the system and thus lengthen or shorten your strap.

Don't think, just let go and it locks itself.

A reliable basis for individual configuration

In addition to existing in three colors, you can prepare your strap so that it corresponds perfectly to your mission.

It is indeed very simple to mount the strap on all the existing fastening systems, clips or buckles.

Proudly made in France 🇫🇷

Like us, support products of French origin.

This is why the Valkyrie strap was developed, tested, manufactured and assembled in France by French workers who are proud to be able to share their know-how with us.

01. All-metal buckles

02. One-hand adjustable, without compromise

03. Robust Construction

with continuity of the strap all along the comfort pad

In addition, this strap mounts on all available weapons. Without exception.
You will necessarily find a configuration that will suit:

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