MKII Medic Direct Action Health Pouch

One more in the universe of the medic?
How to choose your Medic pouch when you want to complete your equipment?
A pocket must be chosen according to several criteria:
1) Its use (usefulness)
2) Its use (professional or civil)
3) Its capacity

The Pochette Direct Action MKII was chosen for its ambidextrous accessibility, its ease of use, and finally its volume.
The outside of the pouch is made of Cordura, a source of durability, the elastic used to retain the insert is covered with fabric.
Thus, no worries when progressing in a plant environment, no risk of a hitch.
The insert is made of an extremely light fabric, with an organized interior thanks to elastic bands of different sizes, designed to effectively hold all the contents.
Finally last interesting detail, the back of the pocket is covered with "female" velcro.
Female Velcro for fixing

You can then perfectly use your pouch on a daily basis, by fixing it inside a bag or a vehicle interior, which is very interesting for the person wishing to equip himself, and who cannot multiply the setups.
Medic equipment is an investment, as long as we choose quality products! (Flee the "Wish" and other "Aliexpress" for tourniquets or other, please!).
Pouch configuration
This pouch therefore allows you to have a Medic kit, and to use it for the shooting range, on the move, on a daily basis.
And in terms of its capacity?
To complete it meticulously, and thus be sure not to forget anything important in the emergency equipment, we have chosen to follow the "WALK" procedure, used by professionals for treatment protocols, and thus define the equipment necessary for each step.

This “S-MARCHE” version is the simplified/light version, suitable for civilians (no invasive gestures, etc.)
We can obviously follow the same reflection with the ABCDE protocol.

Make sure the area is safe before attempting any rescue
- Nitrile gloves
- Petzl E-Lite headlamp
- Cyalume
- RMT 1.5 tourniquet
- “Israeli” type compression bandage, Uriel or TBAN...

Ensure the freedom of the upper airways
- PLS if unconscious, nasopharyngeal cannula, Guedel cannula.

Treatment of thoracic disorders affecting respiratory freedom
- FTS, SAM COMBO or HYFIN Chest Seal dressing… Occlusive dressing with valves.

- Pulse measurement, radial, femoral or carotid, in order to have information on blood pressure and heart rate.

- Blanket
- Penlight (retina control)

- Cyalume to mark out
- Medic Tape to condition the victim
- Indelible pen for the constants, information of the wounded.
The configuration presented therefore includes the elements chosen according to the protocol above:
- 2 “Israeli” compression bandages
- 1 FTS chest dressing
- 1 double Hyfin Chest Seal dressing
- 4 nitrile gloves
- 1 Woundclot 8x20cm
- 1 Quickclot Z-Fold
- Medic tape/Sparadrap
- Sharpie/Indelible pen
- Exsufflation needle
- Medic scissors
- Klarus penlight lamp
Despite the addition of these products in the Medic MKII pouch, we notice that it keeps a relatively thin profile.
Indeed, the outside of the pouch (enveloping) which also serves as a fixing for the assembly, has 2 elastic bands located on the lower and upper part, which guarantee optimal support whether the pouch is in a Light configuration, or else Heavy.
Filled Pouch Thickness
For your information, we had the opportunity to test it with professionals, and it is capable of containing all the elements making up the standard ICT (Individual Combatant's Kit) of our armies, complete infusion kit included.
How to fix it?

Direct Action has pushed the reflection on a maximum of possible fixing systems:
- MOLLE for mounting on vest or wide belt
- Reinforced side loops for lighter belts like the Operator from FROG.PRO.
You can therefore really mount it everywhere, both on tactical equipment (ballistic vest or belt of all sizes, or even a hiking backpack strap.)
And to use?

The concept of a pouch not attached to its support is very interesting from the perspective of helping others.
Professionals have surely already seen pouches mounted on MOLLE loops, opening on 3 sides but remaining attached to the ballistic vest or belt.
If we are in the context of the use of the pouch of the injured in order to provide him with the necessary care, it seems logical, only in a civilian context or law enforcement, the use is most often for a rescue others.
Thus having a cover that can completely separate from its support becomes really interesting.
It is obviously easier to come and open your pocket in front of you to choose what you need most at the moment T, rather than rummaging through a fixed pocket.
It turns out that this Medic MKII pouch is just as easy to grab right or left, thanks to the side handles attached to the pouch.
His advantages ?

Whether you choose a light or more pointed filling, the pouch will always have optimal support, even if you are running, jumping, walking.
In addition, you can perfectly build several configurations, the inserts being obviously compatible with all the outer envelopes.

Example: a police officer, who is also a sports shooter, wishes to equip himself professionally as well as during his civilian activities.

He can perfectly build up a "flat" kit for the daily use of the policeman who stays in the car for example, and a "heavy" kit, which he will use during his civilian shooting courses, or according to his professional missions. .
A family hike? Holidays ? Just take the pouch in your bag to make sure you have a relevant health kit with you.
In conclusion :

For KST, this cover is one of the most accomplished on the market.
We had the opportunity to try other models such as the Viper from SOtech in particular and this Medic MKII does not have to be ashamed of its competitors!
It is also available on the European market, which is not always the case with other high-end products.

An interesting "Add-On" consists of placing 2 Paracord cords, stiffened with heat-shrink sheath, on the 2 central appendages, and thus have a quick emergency opening system.
The opening puts a lot of pressure on the Zip, and therefore it is to be limited as much as possible, using the original Zips makes it perfectly possible to use your pocket in a training/everyday context.
You can therefore, with a little practice, have your pocket open in front of you, making its contents available in less than 5 seconds.

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